Venezuelan Mayor Antonio Ledezma Released From Jail

The mayor of Caracas, Venezuela has been released from jail, according to a series of tweets sent out from the politician’s official Twitter account.

The tweets appear to be posted by Ledezma's daughter, Mitzy. They were sent out at around 1:40 a.m. Eastern time.

The first tweet, translated from Spanish, read:

“I inform the country that Antonio minutes ago surprised Antonio brought the SEBIN to our residence. He returns to the house by jail.”


It is unclear when exactly Ledezma was released from jail. He and Leopoldo Lopez were being held at the Ramo Verde military prison south of the capital after they were taken from their homes on Tuesday night. Lopez is still in prison after being taken. 

Both Ledezma and Lopez were accused by the government-allied Supreme Court of violating the terms of their house arrest by plotting to escape and releasing video statements criticizing Maduro.

Mitzy Ledezma thanked the people of Venezuela and detailed the event in two more tweets. 

"Antonio said when entering the apartment that returns with the anguish that Leopoldo and more than 600 Political Prisoners are behind the bars."

“We thank the people of Venezuela and the international community for their concern and great solidarity and their loyal neighbors.”

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