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Victim of Alleged Beating, Rape in Hollywood Testifies in Court

**Disclaimer: The content provided in this story contains graphic material**

The last of five teens accused of beating and sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in Hollywood appeared in court on Tuesday.

Jayvon Woolfork is accused of being the one to actually have intercourse in the rape. The victim gave her dramatic testimony on Tuesday.

"Jayvon Woolfork is charged with counts one and two sexual battery," said Judge Lisa Porter.

After rejecting a plea deal, Woolfork faced a jury for the opening of his trial.

"They kept telling me that I needed to have sex with Jayvon and if I don't have sex with Jayvon, they're gonna keep hitting me. And I told them to let me out of the home. Let me out. Let me out," the victim said in court.

The victim recounted what she remembers from the horrific incident.

"Take your clothes off or I'm gonna keep hitting you. Take your clothes off, you better **** him, you better **** him," the victim testified.

The victim accuses four teens of beating her and forcing her to have sex with Woolfork. Police said the disturbing violence happened in Woolfork's Hollywood home in November of 2013. It was all captured on cellphone video.

"They used their phones to record the assault. And those are the images, those are the pictures that you're going to see," said Prosecutor Maria Schneider.

According to the victim, two girls, Patricia Montes and Erica Avery, sprayed her with mace, punched her and even smashed her head into the concrete. They then dragged her by the hair and tore her clothes off.

She said two others, Dwight Henry and Lanel Singleton, also got involved. She said all four teens held her arms and legs while Woolfork then proceeded to allegedly rape her.

"I remember Jayvon grabbing me by my hair and pulling my face towards his ***** to perform oral sex," the victim testified. She said he then forced her to have sex with him.

The victim suffered serious injuries including some swelling and broken bones on her face. The defense agrees the attack is horrible, but argues there are some inconsistencies about what actually happened in the bedroom since that wasn't caught on tape.

"Were they all watching? Were they not watching? Who was in the bedroom? Who wasn't in the bedroom? There's inconsistencies there," said Defense Attorney Barry Butin.

As for the four teens, Henry has been sentenced to two years in prison. Singleton, Montes and Avery have been sentenced to four years. As part of their plea deals, Henry and Singleton have agreed to testify against Woolfork in this case.

Woolfork could face life in prison if he is convicted on these kidnapping and sexual battery charges.

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