Video Captures Minors Stealing $120K Worth of Cars From Pompano Beach Auto Shop

The owner of an automobile shop in Pompano Beach said six minors broke into his business, stole $120,000 worth of vehicles and caused $30,000 worth of damage.

The six apparent juveniles entered the business Sunday evening and were there for about three hours, business owner Andre Silva said.

The entire incident was captured on security cameras. Silva said they stole four Mercedes-Benz vehicles, a BMW, an Acura and a Buick.

Silva said the minors “could be doing something else – you know, studying, go to school.”

Police investigators said they have found some of the minors involved.

“Taking stuff that we sweat to buy, you know, life is not easy and somebody just gets inside and takes the stuff, it’s just – it's embarrassing," Silva said.

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