Four People Killed in Violent Crashes This Weekend

A violent crash in Northwest Miami-Dade left one person dead Sunday morning, police said.

The incident happened at Northwest 75th Street and 27th Avenue.

Witnesses told NBC6 that the driver of the yellow Dodge smashed into a concrete column of a Metrorail train, and the car quickly disintegrated.

“It was really, like, crazy though,” said Kenneth Rozier, a witness. “The car came from that way and pieces flew everywhere.”

Surveillance cameras from a nearby business captured the crash. However, we paused it before the moment of impact. Seconds later, a fire broke out and car parts were scattered everywhere.

“He must have been speeding. In the video, it looks like a missile, not even a car,” said Javier Stewart, a witness.

Miami-Dade Police confirmed that one person died in the head on collision. According to witnesses, no one else was in the car.

“The sound was so loud, I thought a Metrorail car fell off the tracks,” said Stewart.

“My stomach was like … I was feeling sick because I was thinking it could be my family member, it could be anyone’s family member. It was scary though,” said Rozier.

Police have not yet released the identity of the victim or if speed or alcohol played a factor in the crash.

A rollover crash that killed a cyclist in Davie on Friday night was also caught on camera. Police identified the victim as Paul Kirk Bramer.

“We are going to suffer for what I have left of time,” said Marianna Santiago, the victim’s partner. “We have to suffer and so does my son and I’m going to miss him a lot.”

Santiago is Bramer’s longtime partner. She believes the driver who struck her husband should be charged. Davie Police said the driver remained on scene and will investigate if alcohol played a role in the crash.

Minutes before the crash in Davie on Friday, the Florida Highway Patrol responded to a deadly collision in Southwest Miami-Dade on the Turnpike near Kendall Drive.

Authorities said a Honda Civic merging onto the ramp crashed into multiple vehicles, including a fuel tanker. Two people inside a Chevy Impala died. Others were taken to the hospital with injuries. 

“The vehicles were traveling originally northbound and because of the collision, they ended up in the southbound side of the highway crossing over the center median guardrail,” said Lt. Alex Camacho of Florida Highway Patrol.

The victims were identified as Rene Hernandez, 68 and Natalia Landin, 66.

Officials are now working to determine if impairment was a factor in that crash.

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