Video of Davie School Employee Accused of Abuse Released

Broward State Attorney's Office releases video of a man they say is charged with cruelty of a child

The Broward State Attorney's Office on Monday released shocking video of what they say is an Alternative Education Foundation employee accused of child abuse

David Baier, 50, was arrested last August on three counts of cruelty to a child. He had been a special services coordinator for the AEF school in Davie.

The video released Monday shows what appears to be Baier picking up a 12-year-old autistic student by his hair. The video also shows what looks like Baier shoving the child to the floor by his neck.

School Employee Accused of Child Cruelty Released From Jail

Last summer, Baier's attorney, Stephen Swickle said, "Upon all the evidence coming to light that Mr. Baier would ultimately be vindicated of all the charges".
But the attorney for the family of the 12-year-old, who appeared to be roughed up, has a different take.

"We are glad that the general public will now have the opportunity to see what we have been saying all along, that these vulnerable children have been victims of horrific misconduct by the hands of their teacher and school staff, individuals they should have been able to trust," attorney Elias Hilal said.
The video depicting the events of last summer that led to Baier being charged with child abuse charges wasn’t his last. In April of 2012 he was charged with another count of child abuse for allegedly shoving a 9-year old autistic student the ground by the neck.

A judge ordered Baier to stay away from AEF and from special needs children while he's out on bond. His next court hearing is set for August 5th.

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