Video of Missing Miramar Mother's Townhouse Latest Evidence Released in Case

Investigators recorded video inside and outside Vilet Torrez's home

Authorities on Thursday released video investigators recorded of the inside of Vilet Torrez's home in Miramar – the latest evidence in the high-profile case of the mother who vanished last March.

Investigators did a walk-through, recording video of everything from the kitchen to the bedrooms.

In the days after her disappearance, Cid Torrez cried in front of reporters, pleading for his estranged wife to come home.

Months later, police arrested Cid Torrez and charged him with Vilet Torrez’s murder. He has pleaded not guilty, and his attorney Richard Della Fera continues to maintain his client’s innocence.

Prosecutors Release Hundreds of Pages of Documents in Cid Torrez Case

The missing woman’s dear friend, Clarissa Garcia, has seen some of the evidence.

“It's extremely encouraging because it says what we, that knew the situation and her family knew, what had occurred, what our instinct was from the get-go,” Garcia said.

She said her instinct is that Cid Torrez killed his wife and disposed of her body.

Prosecutors released hundreds of pictures in the case on Wednesday, including photos of Vilet Torrez’s Miramar townhouse, and of Cid Torrez’s white Jaguar, with a spare tire on the back.

Scrapes were visible on the outside of the car, and small dark spots could be seen throughout its interior.

Video released Thursday, taken outside the home, shows what appears to be tire marks on the brick walkway leading to the front door.

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