Video of Naked Woman Dancing in Miami Beach Causing a Stir

Video posted on the World Star Hip Hop website is causing a stir. A woman is seen taking her clothes off in the middle of the day at the Johnny Rockets in the 700 block of Ocean Drive.

After a provocative dance, the woman ends up nude on a table where she is covered in water and ketchup before a restaurant worker breaks it all up and tells the woman she needs to leave.

Johnny Rockets contacted police saying more than $400 worth of damage was done.

Mitch Novick, owner of the Sherbrooke Hotel, is part of a task force of business owners who want the fun to continue on South Beach, but in a responsible way. He believes the video is an indication of how things get out of control.

"It's a carnival-like circus, pretty much 24 hours a day, and I am hoping the city can take some control of it," Novick said.

"We're trying to get the bad apples there, some of the businesses that perhaps engage and let people get away with too much. We are trying to encourage them to adopt model behavior," said Jimmy Morales, Miami Beach City Manager.

Morales told NBC 6 the city wants the fun to carry on in the right way and is serious about making sure that happens, "In the most recent budget, the commission dedicated three additional code officers to deal with quality of life issues."

Novick's biggest complaint is about the noise and that nothing is done to control it. Morales said Miami Beach Police are being very proactive.

"They are putting a lot of attention and details down there. Every night we are making major busts, where it's drugs or prostitution, some of the stuff that's going on down there the businesses were complaining about," Morales said.

Police said they are making progress on their investigation, while Johnny Rockets had no comment.

As a concrete example, Morales pointed to the change in the liquor law, where after 2 a.m. there is no drinking outside at the establishments.

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