Video Raises New Concerns About Miami Beach Rabbi Accused of Molestation

There are new concerns about a Miami Beach rabbi accused of molesting an 11-year-old girl.

New surveillance footage shows him meeting with the mother of his alleged victim just days before his arrest.

We're told this exchange happened where the mother works, that the accused rabbi went there to talk to her after she filed a police report.

The surveillance video shows an impromptu meeting between Rabbi Steve Karro and a mother in his congregation. The woman's daughter is accusing Karro of molestation. The question now is what's behind the mysterious meeting?

"According to this mom, there are rabbis in the Jewish community in Miami Beach who are advising this mom to stay silent. And using Jewish laws to support and defend their position to keep her silent, which is disgusting, it's wrong and harmful," said the victim's attorney, Jeff Herman.

The video shows Karro passing the mother an envelope, which she takes with her and eventually handed over to investigators. There's no confirmation of what was in the envelope nor if it was a bribe. But the video is dated May 19th, a week before Karro was arrested by police.

"Many people in the Jewish community in Miami are just attacking this family. They've been ostracized from their own temple, and publicly humiliated. It's very unfortunate," Herman said.

The arrest report alleges Karro touched and grabbed the backside of the 11-year-old girl while she was visiting his Miami Beach art gallery. It goes on to say he sat the girl on his lap and kissed her neck. Karro's wife spoke exclusively to NBC 6 last month to defend him, saying her husband touched the girl's back in a spiritual way to cleanse her of negative energy.

"I believe that these charges were placed in order to defile his reputation," Janet Karro said at the time.

Now Miami Beach police will decide whether this video is important evidence in the criminal case. The child seen hugging Karro in the video here is not the victim.

Karro was released from jail on June 10. He is on house arrest, is not allowed to contact children in any way, and is required to wear a GPS monitor.

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