Video Shows Arrest of 93-Year-Old Florida Woman

Juanita Fitzgerald facing trespassing charge after allegedly refusing to leave home

A 93-year-old Florida woman was arrested after body camera video showed her fighting with officers who were evicting her from her home, officials said.

Juanita Fitzgerald, who turned 94 Friday, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of trespassing after warning, Lake County Sheriff's Office records showed.

Eustis Police say Fitzgerald had been asked several times to leave Franklin House, a specialized living community, but had refused, WESH reported.

When officers tried to get Fitzgerald to leave the home, she said she wouldn't leave unless she was carried out, authorities said.

The body cam video showed officers escorting a screaming Fitzgerald out of the house with the help of a walker. Once outside, Fitzgerald is seen struggling with officers as she sits on the ground, before she's placed in the back of a police car.

Officials said she grabbed at the officers and removed the glasses from one of their faces.

Fitzgerald was later released and turned over to a caretaker.

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