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Video Shows Burglars At Home While Victims Sleep

A South Florida man shared a chilling video on his Facebook page in hopes of tracking down three burglars who targeted his home.

The break-in happened around 4:30 a.m. Sunday as Jeffrey Levin and his wife slept in their Coconut Creek home.

Security cameras installed in the home captured video of the trio at the front door.

"At the very start, the guy was testing the camera," said Levin.

In the video, it appears that one of the suspects points out to the other two that the victims are sleeping. "He's putting up his hands up and telling the other guy, 'they're sleeping," said Levin.

Cellphones, wedding rings, credit cards and the Levins' sense of security all wiped by the burglars.

"You think you're safe in your own home. I figure I live in a quiet area, well not that quiet, but quiet enough that I wouldn't have to worry," explained Levin.

The homeowner said the three burglars don't look familiar.

The home's security system comes with a motion sensor which alerts their cellphones before someone approaches the front door.

But, on the night of this burglary, their cellphones were upstairs as they slept in the den.

Jeffrey and his wife said they never heard a thing, but know that at one point the thieves were steps away because the crooks also stole medication from the kitchen counter top.

By the time the couple woke up, the thieves had dashed from the home.

The victims said they have filed an insurance claim, but Levin said some of the stolen items, like a diamond wedding ring, are priceless.

"It was my mom's. My mom gave it to me to give to her. They took it."

If you have any information on the case, you are urged to call the Coconut Creek Police Department at 954-973-6700.

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