Pompano Beach

Video Shows Deacon Being Attacked During Mass at Pompano Beach Church

Thomas Eisel, 28, charged with battery and disturbing the peace

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Shocking video of a deacon being attacked during a mass at a South Florida church last Saturday has surfaced.

The video shows 28-year-old Thomas Eisel rising from a second-row pew during the homily at St. Coleman Church in Pompano Beach.

Eisel is then seen charging the deacon before others in the congregation run over to pry him off.

Archdiocese records show that the deacon is George Labelle.

“This unfortunate incident in a House of Worship is frightening," the Archdiocese of Miami said in a statement. "We are thankful it was a brief moment, people quickly responded to help and no was injured. The perpetrator needs our prayers and serious help to deal with his issues.”

Thomas Eisel
Broward County Sheriff's Office
Thomas Eisel

Broward County Jail records show Eisel was charged with battery and disturbing the peace in a religious assembly.

According to court records, Eisel also violated probation for a 2017 felony battery on an older person in Volusia County.

As for the deacon, he is expected to be okay.

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