Teresa Joseph

Video Shows Elderly Man Attacking Car Salesman in Sarasota

An elderly man in Sarasota was arrested Thursday after he allegedly went swinging for sales and his alleged attack was caught on camera.

Police say 83-year-old Linsey Owens drove to a car sale outside the Westfield Sarasota Square Mall to claim a promotional prize he received in the mail. But, when the car salesman told Owens he would have to buy a car in order to get the prize, police say Owens became angry.

That's when he hit the salesman with his car then beat him with a golf club.

The salesman captured the whole incident on camera.

The salesman who spoke about the incident over the phone said, “he was pretty upset over that. I guess he drove about 8 miles to get there and thought he should've been entitled to something more than that."

The car salesman suffered minor injuries.

Owens was taken into custody without incident and is charged with two counts of aggravated battery.

The victim said he feels sorry for the elderly man and hopes he gets some anger management or counseling.

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