Video Shows Fatal Shooting of AAA Contractor at Kendall Home

Newly released surveillance video showed the moments an AAA contractor was shot and killed after he responded to a house call in Kendall. The senseless shooting was captured on security cameras July 11 from across the accused gunman’s driveway.

Magdiel Hernandez was shot dead upon arrival by Jesus Esquivel, police said. Video shows Hernandez pull up to Esquivel’s home before the suspect approached him and shot him in cold blood.

Footage shows what is believed to be Esquivel beating the technician with his cane before he called 911, police said. Hernandez responded to the suspect’s home to resolve an issue with the 63-year-old’s car.

Another AAA contractor was originally set to make the house call, but decided not to go when Esquivel became irate and threatened that worker during a phone conversation. The technician reported the incident to the dispatcher and requested to be taken off the call.

Esquivel was upset that the technician took too long to deliver a car battery, police said.

The 63-year-old was charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon. Police said he admitted to the crime under oath. He was still being held at Metro West Detention Center.

Esquivel was arrested in 2015 for another violent encounter involving a gun.

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