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Video Shows Florida Alligators Bellowing as Mating Season Begins

A local wildlife photographer captured the bellowing sounds of alligators at the start of mating season

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A local wildlife photographer used an infrared trail camera to capture bellowing alligators in a South Florida gator hole after dark.

Photographer Bobby Wummer captured the video at Big Cypress National Preserve, which shows the gators thrashing in the water and roaring loudly.

The deep, throaty bellowing sounds in the video are characteristic of American alligator mating calls.

Alligator mating season begins in early April according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and the gators' courtship phase has already begun.

During mating season, it's normal for Floridians to see more of the scaly green creatures lounging around canals, swamps and marshy areas.

But, alligators have also been known to frequent some pretty unusual places in Florida, including swimming pools, golf courses, garages, parking lots, and most recently, front yards.

The FWC attributes increased sightings and encounters to the rise of people settling in waterfront areas, as well as population growth in the state. That, combined with more and more people engaging in recreational water sports, results in “increased interactions between people and alligators.”

But while alligators are a “fundamental part of Florida’s wetlands,” the FWC cautions that attacks on humans, pets and livestock still pose a threat.

With attacks being a real possibility for Floridians, the FWC issues a guide explaining how to coexist with the creatures. It details everything from when alligators are most active, to what to do if you’re bitten.

The FWC says gators are most active from dusk to dawn, so swimming at night (particularly in areas near fresh or brackish water) is not a good idea. Additionally, the brochure warns Floridians to keep pets away from gators and not feed the wild animals.

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