Video Shows Florida Panthers Making Love Connection

Amazing video released by FWC gives rare glimpse into mating habits of endangered mammal

A female Florida panther makes a love connection in an amazing video that was recently released by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Trail cameras set up at a private residence near Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park in Collier County captured the rare glimpse of the panther calling out for a mate in the night.

A young male, which is being tracked by the FWC with a collar, answers her call and is seen meeting up with her. The two spend a few days together and are seen roaming the area in the video.

The video ends with the male - now alone - scratching on a log and making scrapes on the ground, leaving his scent and marking his territory.

The male panther appears to have an injury at the end of his tail, and biologists aren't sure what caused the injury but know it happened after he found his mate, the FWC said.

Florida Panthers are one of the most endangered mammals on earth and less than 200 are believed left in the wild.

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