Video Shows Good Samaritan Bus Driver Help Blind Man Cross Street in Miami-Dade

The act of kindness shared on Instagram is making a big impact, but the driver says she had no idea she was being recorded

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You may have seen the viral video of a Miami-Dade County bus driver getting off her bus to walk a passenger across the street.

The act of kindness shared by Only in Dade on Instagram is making a big impact, but the driver says she had no idea she was being recorded.

“When my job called me and told me, 'hey you went viral,' I’m like what,” said Miami-Dade County bus driver Ciji Crawford. “I didn’t even think about the incident because it was something that you know was natural to me.”

It was a typical Thursday for Crawford when she says she noticed a new passenger who needed some assistance. She says she noticed the man was blind.

When she asked the man if she could help him, she says he initially resisted a little bit. But Crawford assured him it would be no problem.

“I would want someone to do the same thing and that’s how I was looking at it," she said. "That was the right thing to do."

She then asked her other passengers if it was okay to walk him across the street, and no one objected.

While Crawford was walking the man, a nearby driver noticed the act of kindness and started recording. Crawford says she had no idea anyone was even paying attention.

“He was saying 'you know, you an angel.' And that’s when I said 'you know what, if I was strong enough, I would carry you,' and that’s what the video showed of us actually laughing,” said Crawford.

She says there were drivers that stopped to allow her to cross the street and that they blew their horns and waved, telling her she was doing a good job.

"What everybody was seeing… kindness and compassion," said Crawford. "An extra one minute, two minutes you know to pause just for that act.”

Those couple of minutes made an impression not only on those around Crawford but, on thousands of social media users online.

“That was something that the world needed at that moment,” said Crawford. “To show that it’s still some good people out here in this world and everybody deserves love and compassion and understanding.”

She says she loves her job because of her interactions with people.

Miami-Dade County is currently looking for new bus drivers. The next application period is scheduled to open in July. Click here to apply.

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