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Video Shows Man Slapping Hialeah Police Officer

A homeless man was arrested Thursday after a violent altercation with two police officers in Hialeah.

Jose Herrera, 54, was captured on surveillance video slapping a female officer in the face during the encounter.

The incident happened outside a convenience store located on East 49th Street and 4th Avenue. The two police officers were called to the store after the business owner complained about Herrera causing a disturbance.

When the officers approached the 54-year-old, he walked away and suddenly slapped one of the officers in the face, police said. In the footage, Herrera and the two officers tussle before he is tasered to the ground.

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The officer who was slapped suffered lacerations to both arms and complained on pain on both knees. The second officer suffered a few bumps and bruises on her knee.

Herrera sustained a scratch on his chest. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence. The suspect is being held on $10,000 bond.

Police said Herrera has trespassed the business several times and has refused to comply with officers' orders in the past.

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