Video Shows Man Wearing Tutu Burglarizing Florida Farmers Market

Two men, one of whom was wearing a tutu, reportedly burglarized a Tampa farmers market Tuesday.

Surveillance video showed the duo inside the business eating fruit and drinking soda.

They broke the glass door of the market to enter, police said.

One of the men wore a tutu, wig and what looked like a cheerleading costume.

The other man wore a hoodie with an image of an owl on the front.

The store owner, John Sansone, is puzzled by the pair's bizarre antics.

"I think it was Halloween and I don't know if it was like a prank. The way the guy was dressed he didn't seem like he was playing with a full deck," said Sansone.

Officials said the men did not cause too much damage in the store.

The duo remains on the run.

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