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Men Caught on Camera Allegedly Sacrificing Animals on Virginia Key Beach

A woman showed the carnage that was left behind - and police say they've charged one man in connection with the incident

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Cellphone video showed decapitated and dying animals that a witness said were sacrificed by two men on a South Florida beach.

Elisa Alonso recorded the carnage that was left behind on the public beach in Virginia Key. She said the animals — who were dying or in distress — were being sacrificed and tossed into the water as offerings.

“These mangroves are now covered in blood," an upset Alonso said as she recorded the scene. "They’re the blood of little innocent animals that they slaughter with no purpose ... this is blood. Blood was on these people's hands. They had all their pots and all their offerings here."

On the shore were butchered or barely alive birds, pigeons and chickens. Their blood was splattered on rocks and sand.

“There were people in the water. Children in the water. We have summer camp here so families come all the time," Alonso said.

Alonso owns the Virginia Key Outdoor Center. She said the two men slaughtering the animals were practicing Santería.

“They had already made large offerings into the water," Alonso said. "There was a large pumpkin, there was also other things that they had thrown into the water that don’t belong in the water.”

Alonso was able to take a picture of the license plate the men were driving in.

Miami-Dade Police charged one of them, Dany Machado Gomez of Hialeah.

Alonso said her outrage would be the same if the men were slaughtering animals for a barbecue or any other purpose, since killing animals is not permitted in any park.

“It isn’t a one-off. We see this all the time," she said. "But we can’t have that. It's polluting our waterway that’s already so imperiled. And if we can arrest people for throwing mylar balloons in our bay, we can certainly do something about people throwing corpses of animals in the waterway."

There were at least nine citations issued for illegally dumping. The fine is at least $7,500. Miami-Dade Police said they were limited in charging the men with animal cruelty.

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