New Video Shows Relationship of Newlywed Murder Couple

New video of the brief and doomed relationship between Michel Escoto and Wendy Trapaga was revealed in a "Dateline" special shown Sunday night.

Escoto, 42, was sentenced to life in prison last week in the October 2002 murder of Trapaga, his wife of just four days.

Escoto was shown in video of his brief first marriage before he married Trapaga, 21, at Miami Beach City Hall.

Trapaga's family spoke of one of her passions in life, fashion, and how she enrolled in beauty school, where she met Escoto. The two began dating and Trapaga became pregnant, and the couple wed.

The body of Trapaga, 21, was found next to a trash bin at a warehouse parking lot between the Palmetto Expressway and Miami Springs just days after the couple returned from their honeymoon.

Prosecutors said he murdered her to collect a $1 million insurance policy. Escoto's ex-girlfriend, Yolanda Cerrillo, admitted to helping Escoto in the murder but received immunity for helping the prosecution.

The immunity was necessary to put Escoto behind bars, prosecutors said, but Trapaga's family wasn't satisfied.

"I don't care at all how desperate, how insecure, how lacking in self respect you have, you're a mother and you went ahead and planned out the death of another mother's daughter," Trapaga's sister, Rita Stephen, told "Dateline."

Carrillo was successfully sued by Trapaga's family for $44 million but the family said they never expect to be paid.

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