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Video Shows Speeding Car Crashing Into Front of Miramar Home

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A Miramar man said he's lucky to be alive after video showed a car crashing into the front of his home.

The crash happened just before noon Monday on Northwest 28th Street.

Video showed the Toyota sedan careening toward the home, narrowly missing a parked minivan before it crashed into the house.

Elliot Miller, who lives at the home with his mom, said he'd been working from home all of last week except for Monday.

"All last week I was working from home, actually on that exact same wall and all last week I was working from home and yesterday when the incident happened in the morning, I left to go to work instead of working from home," Miller said. "Yeah, I am blessed."

Detectives said the driver of the Toyota was speeding through the neighborhood when he slammed into the Miller's home. The driver told detectives he was driving when someone came out of a house with a firearm motioning to him to pull over but instead, he took off trying to get away.

"In pursuit with a firearm and the other person was trying to escape and as they were trying to escape, they made a left turn here and lost traction and ran into the house," Miller said.

The driver of a Toyota Sedan slammed into a Miramar home Tuesday. Video footage shows the moment of impact.

Luckily no one was hurt including the driver. But the city's building inspector posted signs on the house saying it's not safe to live in.

Miller and his mom rent the house and said their insurance company is providing them with a place to live and with other necessities while the house gets repaired.

"So right now, we're just waiting for the repair company to board the house," Miller said.

Police are still investigating the incident.

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