Video Shows Student Being Attacked at Citrus Grove Middle School

Inside bullying at a South Florida school. Video shows the moments a 12-year-old student was attacked after she said students promoted the violence. Her mother is now calling for action from school officials.

Schools in Miami-Dade and Broward counties have programs to try and prevent this from happening, but a component of this now is the cellphones we all have, and that's a player in what we saw. This attack appears to be planned and set up to record.

The video NBC 6 obtained of the attack that happened last Friday inside Citrus Grove Middle School shows a girl being punched, grabbed by the hair and thrown to the floor.

The 7th grade student, who was seen being punched, exclusively told NBC 6 that a group of about four students bullied her, even as she tried to walk away.

"They just followed me and kept saying, 'Fight her, fight her.' And I said, 'I don't want to fight her,' and they started following me, calling me names," the victim said.

The video shows the student walking down the hallway when she is approached with the camera rolling.

"I did not know the extent of the bullying until I actually saw the video myself. It shocked me, just to think of my baby being at that moment. She told me she thought it was forever, that it was like the longest two or three minutes," the victim's mother said.

William Brady is the family's attorney, "The video speaks for itself. It's clear that the students, several students, were stalking this student through the halls until something happens. Now what I expect the school board to do, is to investigate it and to do something about it."

There is also video of a fight last week in a Broward school where an alleged bully attacked a student in the hallway.

One of the girls in this video, Brady said, was suspended for five days, but he said so far, there is no action concerning the others.

"I just have to be more careful and not walk in the hallways alone anymore," the victim said.

The school board told NBC 6 three students were involved in this. Two of them have been disciplined and the third hasn't been in class since this happened. Its message: None of this will be tolerated.

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