Video Shows Suspects Scamming South Florida Waitresses: Cops

Surveillance video has been released of what waitresses at popular South Florida bars and restaurants say are scammers at work.

The video shows a man who workers at Rodbenders Bar in South Miami identified as Matthew June. The bartenders said he gave them a gift card, and in return, he received more than $100 cash.

"The card goes through just like a regular credit card, but it doesn't get caught until later that it has insufficient funds in it," Louise Lieberher, who works at Rodbenders, said. "We are completely out that money."

Video exclusively obtained by NBC 6 shows the two men allegedly preying on service workers in South Dade, at locations in the Keys, and at the Ale House in Coral Gables.

One police report shows the men gathered nearly $2,000 in cash illegally at the Gables location.

Charles Altman has been charged with organized scheme to defraud and grand theft. Police said his partner in the fraud was 28-year-old Matthew June.

"He's doing this again. He was arrested by our detectives for this. He waived his Miranda rights, implicated Mr. June on being a partner in this scheme, and apparently hasn't learned his lesson," Kelly Denham with Coral Gables Police said.

June ended up with a black eye and is facing serious charges after a police officer got a broken arm arresting him when workers at Rodbenders called 911 this past Saturday when he came back again.

Monroe deputies sent out a BOLO for the pair after a Keys restaurant reported a "strange incident involving two males and a Visa gift card."

In a twist to this story, a man calling himself Charles Altman sent NBC 6 an email alleging police mistreated June during his arrest, but then on the phone he denied being the Altman arrested or knowing June.

The two are presumed innocent and will get their day in court. From detectives, a warning, these two men aren't the only ones using this scheme.

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