Video Shows Teens Hours Before Fatal Crash

A cell phone video released to NBC 6 Friday showed the moments leading up to a car crash that killed 19-year-old Joey Ianzano last year.

Ianzano and his best friend Patricio Arias Verdial were partying at a Brad Paisely concert last August 16th and professed how much fun they were having in the cell phone video released Friday. In the video, a person is heard saying they don’t “know how drunk I am, it’s like my 10th beer.”

Hours after the video was made, Patricio got into his Ford Mustang to leave Joey’s house. Witnesses said Joey grabbed onto the car’s spoiler in an attempt to stop his friend from driving. Patricio’s car crashed down the block and Joey flew off the back and was killed.

Patricio has since been charged with DUI manslaughter and was in court this month. His lawyer said Patricio was sober when the accident happened and it’s nothing more than a tragic accident.

“This case is an accident, nothing more, nothing less,” lawyer Eric Schwarztreich said. “I think when the state really looks at the case; they’ll have difficulty proving the cause and elements of this case. The victim jumped on the back of his car, my client had no way of knowing that he was in back of the car.”

Court documents show Verdial’s blood alcohol level was nearly two times the legal limit on the night of the accident. Schwartzreich said Verdial is crushed about the accident to this day.

“He’s sad, withdrawn; his whole life is flashing before him because he’s facing consequences. Consequences when the state says this is manslaughter,” Schwartzreich said.

Verdial’s trial is scheduled to start in March, though his lawyer said it will likely be pushed back later in the year.

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