Video Shows Theft of Southwest Miami-Dade Couple's Toyota Camry

"Yeah we feel violated and we live in a safe neighborhood," one of the victims said

When the southwest Miami-Dade couple looked outside they saw their Toyota Camry was missing. A quick look at their video surveillance system confirmed it indeed had been stolen.

"They were punks, low-class people just trying to get a buck, but you know what? At our expense and that is not fair,” said the husband, Richard.

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He and his wife Bibiana, who said they did not want their faces shown or their last names used, were excited because Bibiana was returning to work after completing maternity leave. Richard had put a car seat in the Camry the night that it was stolen, on Tuesday.

"Yeah we feel violated and we live in a safe neighborhood," said Bibiana. They had left their cars unlocked.

The surveillance video is a visual lesson on how street-level crimes goes down.

A white SUV circles the couple’s cul-de-sac. It appears there are four young adults or teenagers inside. The SUV stops across the street. A lone skinny male with long curly hair scouts out the victims’ Range Rover and Camry. It appears he attempts to start the Range Rover.

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Meanwhile a second suspect joins the heist. She opens the tailgate on the Range Rover, then the right rear passenger door. Frustrated, the male half of the team turns his attention to the Camry. He knows what he is doing. The car starts in 30 seconds. The female suspect jumps into the Camry, waits until her partner jumps into the white SUV, and then both vehicles fade into the night.

"Most likely they stole the Camry for the parts. I guess it is easier to sell the parts of a Camry than a Range Rover," said Richard.

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Police were on the scene Wednesday taking fingerprints off of the Range Rover and checking the contents of what appeared to be a book bag that fell out of the white SUV.

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