Caught on Camera

Video Shows Thieves Driving Off in Corvette Stolen From Miami Lakes Home

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Surveillance cameras captured thieves stealing a Corvette from the driveway of a Miami Lakes home in a gated community.

The homeowner said she and her husband were concerned and frustrated when they reviewed the footage and saw how easy it was to drive off in the sports car.

"This is not about the vehicle being stolen, it is obviously a concern, but that can be replaced," homeowner Christine Camejo said. "The concern here is the public safety of our community."

The video appears to show three thieves getting out of another vehicle to check cars in the neighborhood. One went to a neighbor's house to the left, one went across the street, and the third went for the C8 Corvette.

Camejo admitted the Corvette was left open by the person they hire to wash the car. She and her husband weren't home when it was stolen.

“We weren’t home when he finished so he just left the key inside the car. It was a Sunday, and we just left them in there. It was one of those Sundays. It was hectic," she said. “It just so happens coincidentally that they decided to come in that, or that morning. They just got lucky. They hit the jackpot, really."

She said she filed a report with Miami-Dade Police.

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