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Videos of Students Fighting at Coral Springs School Have Parents Concerned

Coral Springs Police confirmed several students have been arrested in recent days for fighting

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Several videos that show students fighting at a Coral Springs school have parents anxious about their children's safety.

In one video, two Coral Glades High School students are seen ganging up on another and slamming him to the floor inside a classroom. It’s one of several fights that broke out in recent weeks.

“I’m very stressed out, my kids are stressed out as well. It’s very concerning there’s no safety in the school," said Maggie, who spoke to NBC 6 anonymously. Two of her kids are students at Coral Glades.

Maggie said her son has been bullied, had his stuff stolen, and he even skipped class to avoid problematic students.

“They're scared that things could get to like a shooting point where kids are going to bring guns into the school because they can't control just the minor situations right now," Maggie said.

NBC 6 asked Broward County Public Schools questions about the violence, and the district responded with a statement saying in part, "The school’s administration and security staff responded to the brief altercation between students that took place in the cafeteria prior to the start of the school day. There were no weapons or injuries."

BCPS said one student was taken into custody for battery on a school employee.

"All students responsible for the altercation faced disciplinary measures in accordance with the code of student conduct," their statement read. "Student safety is the priority for all our schools and District. All matters of student safety are taken very seriously."

Coral Springs Police confirmed several students have been arrested in recent days for fighting.

Many students NBC 6 spoke with are aware of the fighting, but most say they still feel safe coming to school.

“Usually it’s just one fight, that’s it. It’s a safe campus, the kids here are nice. I feel safe," one student said.

Coral Springs Police said it’s typical to see multiple officers on various campuses as the bell rings. NBC 6 saw three on Coral Glades' campus Wednesday.

Police are also hoping to put together a mentoring program to address and prevent these issues before they begin.

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