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Videos Show Teacher-Student Brawl at Miami Central Senior High


Miami-Dade Schools Police are investigating after videos surfaced on social media showing a brawl between a teacher and a student in a classroom.

The videos posted on Instagram Monday show a female student fighting with a substitute teacher at Miami Central Senior High School, on Northwest 95th Street.

In the footage, the student and teacher are seen pushing and grabbing each other before the student starts throwing punches. At one point, the teacher tries to hold the student in a headlock but the student gets out and manages to push the teacher to the ground, then jumps on top of the teacher.

The videos end with the teacher getting on top of the student and holding her down. Other students can be heard yelling throughout the videos.

Miami-Dade Public Schools spokesperson Daisy Gonzalez-Diego said the student was not supposed to be in the teacher's class, but the videos don't make clear how the fight started.

"Miami-Dade County Public Schools does not tolerate incidents that jeopardize the safety and well-being of students and staff members. We are deeply troubled by the behavior exhibited on this video," Gonzalez-Diego said in a statement. "As part of their investigation, Miami-Dade Schools Police will be reviewing various video sources and interviewing witnesses to determine the circumstances behind this unfortunate event. Disciplinary action is forthcoming."

Classmates said the student is a 10th grader, and said the substitute is well-liked.

"I heard arguing and that is when all the kids were like screaming and running out the class. And our teacher came out of the class and started settling it down," one student said.

Officials said the student may be facing criminal charges.

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