Vigil Held For Girls Found Floating in Lauderhill Canal

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A vigil was held Thursday after two young girls were found floating in a canal in Lauderhill.

Residents gathered by the site where the bodies of Daysha and Destiny Hogan were discovered Tuesday, praying and releasing balloons to honor their memory.

“Like normal kids [they] just play outside. Happy, joyful, always smiling,” said Lauderhill resident Kenyani Sills.

The mother of the two girls, Tinessa Hogan, is considered a person of interest in the case.

Neighbors say Hogan had been swimming in the canal recently, going up to people and asking if she could baptize them or their children.

Sills said he saw her on Monday, kneeling with her head down under a tree behind her home.

“It was just kind of weird just by herself put her head down and not say nothing,” Sills said.

As the investigation continues and officials release the chilling 911 calls, police are reaching out to the community to find out more about the mother and her interactions with neighbors.

“It’s heartbreaking those are babies. Who knows if there were….was there anything I could’ve done,” said resident Justina Perez.

Police say Hogan never filed a missing persons report for her daughters -- neighbors are planning to have another vigil in the coming days.

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