Vigil Held for Teen Caught in the Crossfire

It's pain that's become all too familiar -- another mother and a community grieving the death of a teenager shot on the streets of Miami-Dade County.

"Never in a million years would I have thought that this would've been me," said Nadia Coles.

Police say her son, Joewuan Coles, 15, got caught in the crossfire Monday night. He was shot while standing outside the apartment complex where he lives at Northwest 75th Street and Northwest 16th Avenue.

"He was a sweet, kind hearted child. He didn't bring no drama, no trouble, no nothing," Coles said.

"He was really loved and he was a good person," added his girlfriend, Kymisha Robinson.

Young and old, family and total strangers hugged and held candles to remember Coles. The mother of Richard Hallman, a teen who was also killed in March of this year, stood by Coles' mother's side.

"I'm here to support that grieving mother," Tranell Harris said. "Because I am that grieving mother and I'm still grieving every day for my son."

The freshman football player at Miami Northwestern Senior High School is one of at least three teenagers shot to death over the last few months -- many of those cases still unsolved. Coles' mother hopes her son's story will be different and urges the community in Northwest Miami-Dade to break the silence.

"If you see something you have to tell because if you don't they'll continue to come in the neighborhood and take our kids away from us if we don't do nothing about it," Coles said.

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