Vigil Held for UM Student Who Died After Attending Ultra Music Festival

Wednesday was a somber night at the University of Miami. Friends, classmates and students gathered to remember Adam Levine, a 21-year-old senior, who was rushed to the hospital from the Ultra Music Festival Friday and died shortly after.

Adam Levine held the same name as a celebrity, and students told NBC 6 he was a celebrity on campus, always enthusiastic and constantly making new friends.

"I was in complete shock. It's not something you would ever think you'd have to go through. So I didn't event know how to respond," said Rachel Colletti, friend.

Student after student stood up to pray, read poems, and tell stories about their enthusiastic friend who touched the lives of so many.

"Adam was an inspiring person who impacted so many different people. So there's been a huge number of people really coming together," Harry Kroll said.

Kroll was Levine's roommate and fraternity brother. He said he saw his friend walk out the door Friday, and just four days later, he went to pay his respects at his funeral in Virginia.

"It was great to see the family, they have been so strong throughout this. And seeing their strength in this moment has helped us all," Kroll said.

Levine was majoring in political science and friends said he had recently applied to dental school. He was very involved in his fraternity and student government.

"He never failed to make me laugh every single day since I met him. He's just indescribable really," Colletti said.

"Adam Levine was undoubtedly the most popular student on this whole campus," Kroll said.

The cause of Levine's death is still under investigation.

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