Violinist Duo Giving Heat a New Tune

Teen violinists perform in video showing off new Heat jerseys

Who says basketball and violin don't mix?

Malcolm and Umoja McNeish, brothers from Hollywood, are stealing the show in the Miami Heat's new intro video. The two teenage violinists play along to AC-DC's "Back in Black" during the music video, which will unveil the Heat's new alternate black uniforms on Thursday against the Lakers.

The duo, called "Sons of Mystro," is also performing live during the pregame ceremony.

In the video, Heat players dance to the music in their new uniforms, while The McNeish brothers perform behind them.

"They couldn't believe we were that good," said Malcom. "They were like, 'Is that them?' They were shocked."

The Broward duo uses classical violin to play contemporary music by artists such as Kanye West, Wyclef Jean and LMFAO. They didn't know "Back in Black" until the Heat requested their services, but learned the song in less than two weeks.

Heat star Dwyane Wade liked the young violinists so much, he told them he wanted to use their music as his alarm clock.

The McNeish brothers are big Heat fans and were a little star struck during the shoot. They also couldn't believe the size of the players.

"They were like giants," said Umoja. "We had to stand on stools."

The Miami Heat will only be wearing their new black uniforms for six games this season, starting with the Lakers game. The uniforms are a tribute to the team's color-themed playoff campaign from years past.

The new unis will be on sale at the American Airlines Arena and the Dolphin Mall's Miami Hoops Gear store, or online at

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