Volvo Crashed Through Window of Fort Lauderdale Man's Apartment

Carl Stanley got up from the couch in front of the window moments before the crash happened

A Fort Lauderdale man is thanking his lucky stars that the car that crashed into his apartment Friday night did not hit him.

At about 8 p.m., a pickup truck lost control and slammed into a Volvo which then crashed into Carl Stanley’s apartment building on the 1300 block of Northeast 15th Avenue.

“I was shook up when I came outside,” Stanley said.

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He typically sits on his couch, right in front of the window, but moments before the crash happened, he got up and headed for his computer. That’s when the Volvo crashed right through the window of his apartment.

“I was in shock when it happened,” said Stanley’s neighbor, Larry Bisnett. “I didn’t feel anything from the inside of the house, but I was amazed to see the damage when I came out, but my main concern was anybody hurt. Thank God nobody was hurt, that’s the main thing.”

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One witness said he saw the driver of the pickup truck lose control, spin and then crash into the Volvo.

There were no injuries.

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