Miami Beach

Miami-Dade Runoff Election Results for Miami Beach, City of Miami and Hialeah

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Residents in several South Florida cities returned to the polls on Tuesday for the second round of local elections after several races went into a runoff.

The candidates in each race were the top two vote getters from the first round of voting. They faced off after no one secured the 50% plus one margin needed to win the first time around.

In Miami Beach, the heated Group 4 race will came down to Kristen Rosen Gonzalez and Steven Meiner. With 100% of precincts reporting, Meiner edged out Rosen Gonzalez with 54% of the votes.

Rosen Gonzalez's political rival, Rafael A. Velasquez, was part of the once four-person election before falling to third and being eliminated from the race. Rosen Gonzalez once accused Velasquez of exposing himself to her, and he in turn sued her.

Commissioner Ricky Arriola will retain his seat for Group 5 with 58% of the votes over Raquel Pacheco. Arriola faced three challengers.

With 58% of the votes, David Richardson will replace John Elizabeth Aleman's Group 6 seat. He faced off with Adrian Gonzalez.

In the City of Miami, Alex Diaz de la Portilla won nearly 61% of votes for Commissioner Willy Gort's District 1 seat. Seven candidates vied for the spot.

Two city council seats were up for grabs in Hialeah. Jesus Tundidor beat Luis Gonzalez with 64% of the votes, and Jackie Garcia-Roves had 54% of the votes over Milly Herrera.

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