Walt Disney World: Mini-Roller Coaster Once Used in Teddy Bear Convention for Sale

The coaster stands 19 inches tall at its highest point

A roller coaster once used at Walt Disney World is for sale – but it’s a lot smaller than you might imagine.

A wooden motorized roller coaster that carries teddy bears – and was displayed at the second annual Walt Disney World Teddy Bear Convention in the early 1990s – is for sale for $1,660 on eBay, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The coaster is 97 inches long, or just over 8 feet. It’s about 19 inches wide and stands 19 inches tall at its highest point, and the set comes complete with five handcrafted McBee Bears, says the eBay posting from Brothers Vintage Toys & Collectibles.

A YouTube video from the seller shows some bears taking a ride around the track. Check it out below. The payoff is a long time coming, but the bears seem to be having a good time:

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