Puerto Rico

Walter Mercado Gifts Lin-Manuel Miranda A Puerto Rican Flag Cape

It’s the duo we didn’t know we needed until now. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted Thursday that he was spending time with iconic astrologist Walter Mercado.

In the tweet, Miranda says Mercado gifted him a Puerto Rican flag cape.

“That’s it. We’re done here. There’s nothing left to be said. My abuelas in heaven are shaking constellations somewhere,” said Miranda in the tweet. 

Miranda is currently in Puerto Rico where he is performing “Hamilton” in an effort to raise money for the island which is still recovering from Hurricane Maria, which struck the island in 2017.

Mercado is an astrologist who is known for his televised horoscopes and ostentatious wardrobe, which often features capes and jewelry. His horoscopes were often a staple in many Latino households.

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