Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Nominees Give Back to Community During Super Bowl Week

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It was a Friday of football fever.

Kicking off at the Boys and Girls Club of Miami-Dade, elite football athletes, like Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, threw passes and ran drills with kids.

“They’re getting passes thrown by Cam Newton and catching them so it’s amazing as a kid to see their favorite stars out here on the field," said Megan Mendoza, NFL Community Relations Manager.

And when they weren't throwing the pigskin, the athletes also grabbed some paintbrushes to help with a mural at the Boys and Girls Club.

The event was all part of the NFL Huddle for 100. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year nominees all came together to team up with youth to spread their message of making a difference.

“It’s cool that they actually brought in players from the NFL. Like we got to meet them and we got this opportunity," said Boys and Girls Club member Ashley Fonseca.

“Seeing the impact that we do in the community, me along with the 31 other nominees, it’s big and it’s special," said Davon Godchaux, defensive tackle with the Dolphins. "It’s more than football you know, when you actually get out into the community and they see your face without wearing the helmet, so it’s actually a big impact for me to get out here in Miami, playing for the Miami Dolphins and get out here and see these kids.”

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry was also on hand to offer a salute to service at the Super Bowl fan experience at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

“It’s special. You know, it’s special. I know a lot of our daily life would not happen if they didn’t make the sacrifices that they make each and every day and you know, I’m just happy to do my part to say thank you," said Jarvis Landry.

As part of USAA, the event was an opportunity for military service members, veterans and their families to meet NFL players, like Landry, while enjoying some football.

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