Wasserman Schultz Takes One for the Team

Democrat Congresswoman breaks her leg sliding into second at a charity softball game but toughs it out

While President Obama was lofting a baseball that barely made it to home plate at the MLB All-Star Game, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was getting down and dirty for her team.

The Broward Democrat broke her leg Tuesday night sliding hard into second base during the inaugural congressional women's charity softball game in DC. When Wasserman Schultz says she is willing to play hard ball, she really means it.

Wasserman Schultz, who was safe by the way, had to be helped off the field in the 7th inning, but stayed for the rest of the game and cheered on her team against the staffers, who edged the elected officials, 14-8. Clearly, Wasserman Schultz's speed on the base paths was sorely missed.

"It was the bottom of the seventh. I was sliding into second base to avoid being out and heard the pop in my leg and that was it," Schultz told JustNews.com. "Never sidelined -- I'm going to work through the pain and continue to try to get the job done for people in my district,"

The charity event raised about $40,000 for the Young Survivors Coalition, which supports young women with breast cancer.

It also further strengthened the tough-girl legend of Wasserman Schultz, who secretly battled breast cancer before revealing she had been hiding the illness for nearly a year despite taking minimal time off from her public duties.

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