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Waste-Filled Apartment Causes a Stink

Fort Pierce building condemned after drug habit leads to disgusting mess



    Waste-Filled Apartment Causes a Stink
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    Officials condemned an entire apartment building in Ft. Pierce after they found one apartment overflowing with human waste that a tenant was using to get wasted.

    A tenant in the building, Louisker Louisjuene, told police he was forced from his apartment by not only the smell but the waste that was running down his walls from the apartment upstairs, according to WPTV.

    When police opened the second floor unit, they found bottles and buckets of what appeared to be human waste. Many of the containers had been dumped out onto a mattress and the bedroom floor.

    Officers believe the wasteful renter may have been huffing "Jenkem," a hallucinogenic drug made from the gas of fermented sewage.

    The Ft. Pierce Building Department deemed all of the apartments unsafe, condemning them and forcing at least four people to move out.

    The landlord estimates the damage at at least $150,000, but he says the building may have to be demolished.

    Police are still looking for the tenant with the cost-cutting plan to get wasted.