Swan Chases Florida Police Officer Around Truck

It was a wild police chase, but it didn’t involve a speeding car on a highway.

It involved a large white swan chasing after a Florida police officer.

A video of the Orlando cop running away from the bird is circulating on social media, prompting the Orlando Police Department to respond.

"Hey Swan! Leave our officer alone!" the department wrote on Twitter. "Thanks to @DHarb12 for posting....we can't overstate the hazards our officers face on the job!"

In the 37-second video clip, which was posted on Twitter by Darrell Harbin, the police officer circles a black pickup truck while being followed by the swan. The creature trails the officer for a while before flapping its wings aggressively, causing the cop to run to the other side of the vehicle.

Harbin witnessed the scene at Lake Eola Park with his girlfriend, who reportedly shot the video.

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“He’s kind of protective of that area,” Harbin, 49, told the Orlando Sentinel. “He’s gone after me before.”

Darbin said he’s noticed the swan chase people at Lake Eola Park before.

The video has been picked up by multiple media outlets. Darbin has even received interview requests from the United Kingdom.

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