WATCH: TD, Dolphins Cheerleaders Make Blurred Lines Parody

TD turns up with the cheerleaders on YouTube

Miami Dolphins mascot TD is best known for being a plot point in the original Ace Ventura movie (he was kidnapped by ficticious former Dolphins kicker Ray Finkle just before the Super Bowl), but that might change.

The anthropormorphic version of the Dolphins mascot stars in a parody of the infamous NSFW music video of Blurred Lines, the 2013 song of the summer recorded by Robin Thicke.

In it, TD is cast as Thicke's dance floor lothario, and he is joined by some members of the Dolphins cheerleading squad (who are scantily clad but still wearing more than the women in the original Blurred Lines video - link very NSFW).

Last summer, the Dolphins cheerleaders struck Internet gold with their Call Me Maybe lip dub. It has generated over 18 million views on YouTube, but was surpassed by the Miami Heat's hugely viral Harlem Shake video (which has over 46 million views since it went up in February).

It is a short-lived triumph for TD, though. We won't spoil the big reveal, but suffice it to say TD now knows the true meaning of "a good night's sleep."

But the best part may be the opening and closing graphics that take off on the classic intro to the classic Looney Tunes shorts from the mid-20th century. Watch the full video below:

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