Pompano Beach

Water Main Break Floods Pompano Beach Neighborhood

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A water main break gushed into a Pompano Beach neighborhood Friday, leaving water creeping up driveways.

Video from Chopper 6 shows a sinkhole and the streets flooded shortly after 1 p.m. near Northeast 24th Avenue and 3rd Street. The county said in a statement that a 6-inch water main broke and affected four homes.

Philip Renaud was feet away in his garage when the pipe burst in his front yard.

“I just heard a big boom and I turned around and water was just gushing out of the ground," Renaud said. "And I walked closer and could feel the ground shaking and then it just went haywire.”

Broward County had to bring out big rigs to clean up the mess and suck the water out of the street. A big hole was left behind.

Thankfully water didn’t get into homes, but the water was shut off to a handful of houses while the repairs were underway.

“It’s good that the house is built up or otherwise it would’ve flooded," Renaud said.

Neighbors worry this is just the start of what needs to be fixed.

“They need to replace the whole thing because there were breaks here two months ago here and on the other side," Renaud said. "They need to replace the whole thing, they just pieced it right now.”

No one was hurt, and property was not damaged. Although if this happened another time of day, something might’ve ended up in the sinkhole, since people usually park there.

“If this happened at night, one of their cars would’ve been in that hole, which is scary," Renaud said.

The pipe was repaired as of Friday evening. The affected residents were under a precautionary boil water notice.

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