‘We Are Not Going to Stay Quiet': Support for Cuban Protesters Continues in Miami

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All week, it’s been about solidarity and letting the world know what's happening in Cuba.

Now, there are calls for action and demands for President Joe Biden and the U.S. to intervene.

“I have family members that are losing internet, that cannot leave their houses, that are in danger," said Caro Yarin, a demonstrator in Little Havana. "Other Cubans are getting killed. My family is going through it. All we need is freedom.”

It’s been days of protests, rallies and demonstrations on the streets of South Florida, and raw emotions are amplified as Cuban-Americans call on the United States to aid the Cuban people and squash the current regime.

“I want Biden to take all of his armed forces to Guantanamo Bay. That’s where he needs to take the forces because we need to help the humanitarian crisis," Yarin said. "We have a humanitarian crisis. We need UNICEF."

“We are not going to stay quiet. We are not going to give up. We are requesting Biden to take action and support the Cuban people," Sergio Lopez, another demonstrator, said.

For decades, Cubans say they have been deprived of free speech, free thought, food, health care and internet. A 21-year-old in Miami said his father was once a political prisoner. 

“They arrested him at 14, 15 years old so he lost most of his innocence there," the young man said. "These people, lord knows what they lost."

Police don’t give crowd estimates, but after 5 p.m. the group seemed to grow by the hundreds in Little Havana. Wednesday night’s rally was one of the largest in three consecutive days featuring activists and artists Like Gente de Zona and Yotuel.

As other performers took the stage, the music stopped when the crowd chanted. They didn’t want to hear music— they wanted to send a message.

The White House Press Secretary says due to recent developments, the Biden Administration is undergoing a comprehensive policy review.

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