Dress Like Venus, Wear Paris’ Kicks

Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale's Synergy auction offers famously worn fashions

Getty Images

Here's a chance to get into Venus Williams' dress without worrying about being assaulted by body guards or placed in handcuffs.

This Saturday, the  Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale will be auctioning the white dress Williams wore when she won the Wimbledon Championship in 2008.

It's maybe the second-most famous outfit of the Williams sisters, behind that amazing cat suit Serena wore at the U.S. Open. That attire should be hanging in the Smithsonian!

The Synergy auction also includes attire signed by other fashionistas including Gloria Estefan and Paris Hilton. Who knew the Hiltons wore high tops that didn't have a nine-inch heel?

Other famous shoes up for auction are signed by Mr. Marlin Jeff Conine and Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame placekicker Jim Kiick. Th auction begins at noon and runs through 5 p.m. at the school. Admission is free and proceeds go toward scholarships for aspiring artists.

The Williams sisters attended the Art institute and Venus graduated from the school in 2007.

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