Weather Forecast: Storms Possible Again Tuesday

Highs around 90 Tuesday in South Florida

Tuesday began with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 70s in South Florida, with highs expected to reach 90 later in the day. 

It will be another nice morning, with possible storms Tuesday afternoon. Steering winds are light, therefore, any storms that do develop with be slow-movers. 

There will be a chance of scattered showers and storms each afternoon this week and into the weekend. 

There are several features in the tropics, but nothing major. One low is pushing west, and should head into Mexico in the next few days. The other is fresh off the coast of Africa and has a 20-30 percent chance of developing in the next 48-120 hours. It is very far away and should head north, out to sea. 

The third is entering the Eastern Caribbean and has a 50 percent chance of developing in the next 120 hours. Most computer models take this storm to the north, well East of the Bahamas. NBC 6 will continue to monitor all three and update you with the latest if there are any chances or developments.

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