Weedmaps Helps Users Find Marijuana Dispensaries

When you need a place to eat you might search Yelp for that perfect dining experience. Not sure about that movie tonight? Rotten Tomatoes has all the reviews. Want to know where to go for some pot? There's an app for that, too. Weedmaps, an online service that helps providers and users locate marijuana dispensaries.

“Weedmaps is the premiere service for medical marijuana patients to find rate and review medical marijuana products,” said Weedmaps Vice President Warren Applebaum.

Weedmaps advertises as the most comprehensive marijuana directory and discovery service on the planet and the crowd sourcing company is lighting up with advertising in South Florida.

Dr. Kendrick Heywood is a physician certified in compassionate use by the state of Florida. His practice Vior Life located in Coral Gables has seen a surge of patients since Florida approved the usage of medicinal marijuana.

“In my office alone in the first month we had like 120 patients just call. I'm seeing around 30-50 patients a week about medical marijuana,” said Dr. Heywood.

Dr. Heywood says Florida is still new to the marijuana business, making it hard for patients in need to navigate through a complicated system. He says Weedmaps helps.

“It acts like a network, a directory. It tells you where the dispensaries in the area are. Like one in Homestead, by the airport. It'll also show u delivery pickup spots,” said Dr. Heywood.

Weedmaps is user friendly, helping patient find dispensaries, delivery services, doctors and deals. Hit the map icon to the right for a bird’s eye view of what’s available near your location.

“Weedmaps is going to give you all the information in the industry in as few clicks as possible,” said Applebaum.

Weedmaps said it has 40 billboards in Miami and 55 taxi tops. The company started advertising in February.

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