Weston Podiatrist Gets 51 Months in Prison in Babysitter Molestation Case

A Weston podiatrist convicted of molesting his kids' babysitter was sentenced to more than four years in prison Monday.

Augustine Bollo, 49, was given a 51-month prison sentence during Monday's hearing. He had been convicted of lewd and lascivious molestation in June.

The babysitter had claimed Bollo forced her hand under a blanket, while they were on a couch inside his Weston home in 2012 when she was 15 years old.

In closing remarks, the victim, now 19-years old, painfully described the scars left by Bollo.

"I can no longer hold a conversation with an adult male working the cash register without wondering what his intentions are behind his friendly conversation," the victim said in court Monday.

The victim's mother also addressed the courtroom, directly speaking to Bollo, "She went from living an idealistic childhood to being the victim of a sexual crime. In that premeditated selfishness, he stole her innocence and her sense of personal safety."

The teen's mother called Bollo cold and calculating, adding that he groomed her daughter before forcing her to touch his crotch.

"He knew she was at his home babysitting his children. He knew he was supposed to be at an event and he deliberately chose to go home and commit this crime," explained the heartbroken mother.

Bollo also spoke in court Monday, but only addressing the judge. He said he was sorry how the case affected both families.

"I've never been involved in any type of criminal activity or offense, not even accused, let alone convicted. You think this could never happen to you. This has been a true nightmare for all," the convicted podiatrist read from prepared remarks.

Investigators secretly taped a meeting between the babysitter's mother, Bollo and his wife, in an effort to get him to admit to the incident.

"The bottom line is, I am the adult and I just want to apologize for the whole situation, sincerely," Bollo said during the conversation.

Bollo's defense was that the babysitter reached his way to tickle Bollo's son and incidentally touched him and the alleged crime never happened.

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