Whales That Washed Ashore in Fort Pierce Taken to SeaWorld for Care

Juvenile whales that survived mass stranding to get around-the-clock care

Four pilot whales that survived after being washed ashore in Fort Pierce over the weekend were transported to SeaWorld Orlando Wednesday for further care, officials said.

SeaWorld Orlando's animal rescue team transported the whales from Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute's Rehabilitation Center, where they've spent the past few days recuperating.

The juvenile short-finned pilot whales were among a group of 22 that washed ashore at Avalon Beach State Park in Fort Pierce on Saturday.

It's unclear why the group of whales stranded but necropsies have been conducted on the deceased animals to determine possible causes.

When the four survivors - one male and three females - arrived at SeaWorld, they were placed in a quarantine area where they will receive around-the-clock care from veterinarians and animal rescue staff.

The whales, ranging in size from 130 to 325 pounds, are still in guarded condition. One of the female whales is so young her teeth haven't developed, and vets plan to tube-feed the three older whales until they're able to eat fish.

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