What a Shot! Florida Photographer Captures Image of Bird Holding Shark That's Holding Fish

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Jonathan Gonzalez
Facebook / DrJon11
Yes, you read that right. Doc Jon snapped the photos of this once in a million image and posted it to his Facebook page for the world to see.
Facebook / DrJon11
Jon told NBC affiliate WFLA-TV he has been taking photos for five years now, but didn’t realize what he had until he got home.n“My first thought was WOAH!? That’s a shark in his talons! But then I saw the fish and I literally laughed and said, 'NO WAY?!' " I couldn't believe it,” Jon told the station.
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jon later told NBC6.com’s Jason Parker that he still can’t believe he got it, but wishes he had gotten a better shot – calling the image a “unicorn” in his photography career.
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