Hot Topic: Which Miami Heat Player is Most Likely to Cry During Sad Movie?

You wouldn't expect big, tough NBA players to admit they cry during sad movies, but apparently a few Heat players have a softer side.

Dwyane Wade said of all his teammates, Hassan Whiteside is most likely to cry at a sad movie, "He's a big teddy bear."

Whiteside was surprised by Wade's suggestion, but didn't put up much of a fight, "Me? Oh wow. I guess."

Head Coach Erik Spoelstra and Point Guard Goran Dragic both joked that Birdman is the most likely crybaby.

"No," Birdman swiftly replied. "Does it look like I would cry? I ain't got time to cry."

Amare Stoudemire suggested Udonis Haslem is an undercover movie-crier.

"He said that?" Haslem asked. "He just got here!"

"He looks mean and tough on the court," Stoudemire explained. "But you get him in a sad movie like the 'Titanic' or something, and tears start flowing out of his eyes, I guarantee you."

"Titanic?" Haslem paused at the suggestion. Then said, "Everybody would tear up!"

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